The Capital City in Myanmar

To Travel To Myanmar: the capital city of Yangon can be easily found in Yangon, Burma. There are two main airports in Yangon, the Central International Airport and the Sulekhar International Airport.

The city was once known as Sittwe but is now known as Yangon. The capital city was established in 1950 and was a major railroad station on the Burma-Myanmar route. Today the city is known for its many historical buildings and monuments.

Yangon, Myanmar

The most prominent monuments in Yangon are the Old Town, Old Palace, National Museum, The Royal Mound, and The House of the Rising Sun. The Royal Mound is considering the most important historic landmark of Yangon.

The capital of Yangon has two districts, namely, Sittwe and Mandalay, the districts are separated by Yin Yang River. The Old Town is the oldest part of Yangon and the essential part of the city.

The Old Palace, The National Museum and The House of the Rising Sun are some of the most popular attractions in Yangon. The best time to travel to Myanmar is between mid-December and mid-April.

The most famous river in Myanmar

There are so many travellers visiting Myanmar each day. The capital city of Yangon is filled with travellers in all seasons. This place is famous for the Myanmar Travel and tours. In this part of the world, there are so many places of interest, and you can visit so many places and see so much more than an ordinary tourist would be able to do.

There are so many places in Myanmar that are popular with travellers, and you can choose one of them and make it a part of your Myanmar tour. The most famous river in this country is the Yangon River.

Sri Lanka - Tea plantation

You will see this river in many pictures and videos as it is the most famous river in Myanmar and is the place where a lot of pictures of places in the country are taken.

The Yangon River is a top-rated tourist attraction and is very important to a lot of people. It is exciting to visit this river, and many people do that on a regular basis.

A lot of tourist places are situated on the Yangon River and are very popular with tourists. If you are a fan of Myanmar and want to see the country a little bit more than normal travellers, you should consider taking a trip to Yangon.

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